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Our Work

We are proud of the quality of our work and the quality of customer service we provide. Here are a few projects we've worked on. Our Technicians work hard on Garage Door Repairs in Raleigh North Carolina to Greenville North Carolina. We stand behind our work, so give us a call to have the Elite Experience.

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New Garage Door Installation

We replaced the customers old garage door with a brand new non insulated door. The new garage door has window inserts at the top to add light to the small garage and give the outside curb appeal.


Garage Door Trim Replacement

Your Garage Door trim can become worn out over time and can eventually tear away during inclement weather. We can replace new trim around your garage door to give it a POP! 



Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Motors are a very important part of a smoothly functioning garage door. We only sale the most ELITE of products. Here we installed a brand New LiftMaster Motor with MyQ technology. MyQ technology is an app based garage door opener. You can open and close from anywhere in the world. 


Garage Door Spring Repair

Springs can be very tricky. Especially if one breaks. Be careful and do not use your motor to lift the door. Call us and we can walk you through how to lift the door if you need to before we arrive!! Here we replaced both Torsion Springs and calibrated them to the right 

We service Torsion Springs and Extension Springs 



Other Services we provide 


Roller Replacement

Garage Door Rollers are like the tires on your car. They need to be changed after so many life cycles. We only use the best Nylon Rollers to give your garage door the quiet touch. 

They don't call AJ the Garage Door whisperer for nothing! 

Applying Oil to Chain of Garage Door

Maintenance Packages 

In order for any kind of equipment to perform to the best of it's ability you have to perform preventative maintenance to the equipment. We offer Quarterly, Bi-Yearly and Yearly Maintenance Packages to keep your Garage Door and the equipment in top notch shape. Maintenance Safety checks can also prevent injuries from broken garage door parts. 

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Bottom Seal Replacement

Tired of pesky water leaks, critters and leaves getting into your garage when it's closed. It may be time to add a bottom seal or replace your old one. Keeping the threshold of your garage clean and closed can also keep heat from escaping through the cracks from underneath.

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